Monday, 27 February 2017

Web 2.0 Learning Tools

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This posting will be short, but I hope it will create some food for thought...

As I work with the students in the Resource Room using many different tech tools, I would like to list the best ones I have found so far... of course, I am talking about Web 2.0 learning tools :)

                               What I have been using with my students (so far):

- Dictation on Google Docs. and on Word Doc.;

- Typing program using free websites such as:
- Reading websites such as:

- Using Power Point, Excel, and Word documents for students presentation;
- Research using Google engines;
- I-Movie;
- Photo Booth;
- Blogging using several different platforms.

I have noticed that students are very motivated when technology of some sort is involved in the tasks.
I also have learned a lot from the students!!! It seems like technology is so easy to them.

I love this quote from my professor Dr. Laidlaw from U of A where she argues that: 
  "Our children have had a very different upbringing in terms of their relationships with screen and texts to those of previous generations and have very different dispositions to texts than we adults do.” That is so true!!!

Note: Just a quick reference about Twitter... teachers have been using it as a professional learning tool. I find excellent articles and so many other useful things on Twitter.
You can check it out our school's Twitter's account: @Westgateb140 and mine:

Well, maybe this post did not end up being short at all :)

Please, send your comments, feedback is always appreciated and welcome!!!

Hasta Luego :)


O'Mara, J. & Laidlaw, L. (2011). Living in the iworld: Two literacy researchers reflect on the changing texts and literacy practices of childhood. In English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 10(4), 149-159. Retrieved from:

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