Sunday, 18 December 2016

Small Group Work

                                              Small Group Work

It is amazing to see how students enjoy a small group work…

I have been working with several students in the resource room for the last few months and I have noticed how much work they produce when they are given extra time and support.  I also noticed that they tend to be more engaged when they work with peers that seem to have the same interests that they have.

We have been working on Math games to develop addition and subtraction mental skills. We used Power of Ten, regular cards and dice. Students have been also creating their own games and/or modifying the rules of games we normally play to attend to their needs.

In English Language Arts we have been reading books of all levels and working on prediction and questions that go beyond the story. We are also creating little plays and writing a few stories based on our favourite books.

In Spanish Language and Arts we have been listening to read-out loud stories from reading websites and we have been practicing new vocabulary and working hard on pronunciation.

A few students have been using different strategies to accomplish their work, such as computer dictation, typing and peer’s project sharing tasks.

Some groups have been working on printing skills to support letter formation, spacing and editing.

The most important thing we do in the Resource Room is to support and complete the work that has begun in the classroom. Students have been very successful in accomplishing this goal.

Next year we will be focusing on setting learning goals for the final 6 months of school. We are looking forward to achieving all of our goals!

Have a great Winter Break and don’t forget to do a lot of reading and to have fun with your family!

                                   Desde el escritorio de la Sra. Sasse,

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